Z&S Defending Homebuyer in ZBA Proceeding Seeking to Revoke Building Permit

David Steinmetz and Lee Lefkowitz are representing husband-and-wife homebuyers who were granted a building permit to construct a single-family home on a vacant parcel in the Village of Harrison. The parcel, like all parcels in the development, were subdivided into less-than-an-acre lots before the district’s current one-acre zoning was enacted. But a group of neighbors is nevertheless petitioning the ZBA to revoke the family’s building permit, arguing the lot is too small and not developable, and claiming the lot merged with another lot years ago. Z&S has pointed out that all of these neighbors have similarly small, non-conforming lots—some much smaller—and Harrison only allows lots to merge in certain limited circumstances, which this situation does not meet. On this basis, Z&S is encouraging the ZBA to leave the building permit intact. A link to the Journal News story on this representation is available here: https://www.lohud.com/story/news/2021/08/19/harrison-home-construction-half-built-winfield-glen/5485400001/