Z&S Defending Homebuyer in ZBA Proceeding Seeking to Revoke Building Permit

David Steinmetz and Lee Lefkowitz are representing husband-and-wife homebuyers who were granted a building permit to construct a single-family home on a vacant parcel in the Village of Harrison. The parcel, like all parcels in the development, were subdivided into less-than-an-acre lots before the district’s current one-acre zoning was enacted. But a group of neighbors […]

Z&S Secures Zone Text Amendment and Re-Zoning of 32 Acres in Town of North Castle

Z&S Partner Kory Salomone secured a zone text amendment and re-zoning in connection with a 32-acre parcel in the Town of North Castle . The text amendment and re-zoning paves the way for property that is located adjacent to IBM’s worldwide headquarters, and within a ¼ mile of Main Street in Armonk, to be developed […]