David Cooper Selected For Hudson Valley Pattern For Progress Board Of Directors

David Cooper has been selected to join the Board of Directors for the leading regional public policy research and advocacy organization Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress. Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress, based in Newburgh New York, is a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting regional, balanced and sustainable solutions that enhance the growth and vitality of the Hudson Valley. David joins an established Board consisting of business, non-profit, academic and government leaders from the nine counties in the Hudson Valley. The organization is currently working on numerous initiatives, including efforts to improve government efficiency, update the region’s infrastructure, and foster revitalization of its urban centers. In 20014-2015, David participated in the organization’s Fellowship Program, assisting in a three-year study of strategies to attract “millennials” to the Hudson Valley.

You can learn more about Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress’ work on its website: http://www.pattern-for-progress.org/