Leveraging IDA Financing for Successful Development Projects


Navigating the intricacies of land use approvals is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to real estate development. Beyond securing permissions for a project, developers often face the daunting challenge of financing – a crucial factor that can make or break the feasibility of their endeavors. This is where Industrial Development Agency (IDA) financing comes into play, offering the essential tax benefits necessary to propel projects forward and transform visions into reality.

Overcoming Financial Barriers With IDA Incentives and PILOT Arrangements

A good example of this is the addition of a third residential tower at Miroza at Ridge Hill in the vibrant Ridge Hill community in Yonkers. While the project aimed to introduce 184 rental apartments, including affordable housing, its fruition hinged not only on land use approvals but also on securing favorable financing arrangements. For this client, we worked with the Yonkers IDA on incentives to help finance the project. With IDA incentives, many of the taxes – including sales tax and mortgage recording tax – were exempted. This ensured that the project could overcome financial barriers and thrive in the competitive landscape of New York’s real estate market.

IDA financing provides a myriad of benefits essential for navigating the financial hurdles of real estate development. Mortgage recording tax exemptions and sales tax exemptions alleviate the burden on developers, making construction more financially viable. Most notably, Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) arrangements offer developers the opportunity to pay reduced property taxes for a specified duration, ensuring that projects can achieve stability and profitability in the long run.

Collaborating with IDAs to Pave the Way For Community Improvement

Beyond the initial excitement of securing land use approvals, the journey towards project realization demands strategic financial planning and collaboration with entities like IDAs. Developers must navigate through a maze of tax regulations and financial challenges, requiring expertise and innovative approaches to financing. IDA financing stands as a beacon of hope for developers, offering the necessary tax benefits to propel projects forward and paving the way for tangible progress and sets the stage for transformative developments that enrich communities and redefine urban landscapes. As real estate ventures continue to evolve, the strategic utilization of IDA financing emerges as a pivotal factor in achieving success and sustainability.

Zarin & Steinmetz has the experience and expertise required to navigate these complex processes, ensuring smoother transitions from approval to realization. With a comprehensive understanding of regulatory frameworks and a track record of successful partnerships, our firm is committed to guiding clients through every stage of the development journey, facilitating seamless collaboration and unlocking the full potential of their projects.

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