Property Owner Rights and Disputes

This representation includes:

  • Adverse possession
  • Easement drafting and enforcement
  • Title defense
  • Adjacent property owner disputes involving drainage, tree removal, and encroachments
  • Siting of public improvements, including relocation of proposed MTA and other utility and municipal infrastructure due to impacts upon adjacent residential and commercial properties

Z&S has litigated numerous adverse possession claims, as well as other disputes between adjacent property owners.  In these matters we focus on pursuing the most cost-effective strategies to defend our clients’ property entitlements.  We have also handled various matters involving large New York City residential buildings situated next to proposed construction sites for MTA subway improvements, such as new entrances or ventilation shafts.  Z&S has successfully negotiated the prudent relocation of these improvements.  In such instances, Z&S has achieved our clients’ goals through zealous advocacy before community boards and elected officials, negotiations with MTA and other City officials, and, where appropriate, engaging in litigation.